Get there if you can.

Link: TAKE THE TOWNHALLS TO D.C. - March 20th @ noon

Link: Code Red: Surround the Capitol at Noon on Saturday

Link: Call to Arms: Join Jon Voight in DC Saturday to Stop ObamaCare

We already know what the consequences will be, if this bill passes. Massive tax grabs, citizens being forced to buy health insurance or pay a fine (and if you can't pay the fine, you face jail-time), and tax hikes beyond comprehension...And all of that is just for starters.

We know there would be legal challenges to the bill, and we know that several states are threatening (or considering) lawsuits, in order to protect their citizens. (That, by the way, is called Federalism. The 10th amendment to the constitution allows for it, and the states have every right to do so, if they choose.)

But, what you may not know is the size and scope of the political "pandora's box" if "deem and pass" is used as it's never been used before, to pass an entire piece of legislation without a vote, as opposed to simply inserting amendments into an already agreed-upon bill. The WH has already signaled they won't promise that "deem and pass" wouldn't be used on other legislation in the future. What does that equal?

Dictatorship....pure and simple.