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    Georgia Congressman Phil Gingrey, who chairs the GOP Doctors Caucus, tells Fox News that he’s “not sure there will even be a vote tomorrow.” As part of Fox News’ continuing health care coverage, Gingrey made an appearance on the channel earlier today, where he said, “Nancy Pelosi is not going to bring the vote to the floor if she doesn’t have those 216 votes. And nobody wants to be that deciding vote.”

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs 216 votes to pass the bill, and the votes, even within her own party, haven’t come easily. When asked what Gingrey made of the Democrats latest whip count, which stands at 217 votes, he replied, “I understand now that they're saying 217 yes’s and of course, the Democrats want to have 217 because in addition to this deem and scheme, deem and pass trick, they're trying to avoid their members having a fingerprint on the passage of this senate bill” so they can go “ back home and say, no, I voted for the rule, I didn't vote for the bill.” The Republican Congressman added that the bill overall was disappointing to him and that “as a physician who practiced for 31 years, to see the destruction of the doctor-patient relationship and health care and our economy” was disheartening.
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    That "I voted for the rule not the bill" shit is not going to fly. How stupid do they think we are...oh wait, look at who's President. We are pretty stupid if you think about it. Anyway, a vote for the "rule" allows healthcare to pass and the only thing that matters is, did your fucking vote facilitate the passage of the healthcare bill?
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    I read that they aren't doing the "slaughter rule" thing. They are going to vote twice. First on the reconciliation, then on the Senate bill.

    Who really knows though? They change their minds every minute it seems.
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