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He showed an amazing amount of political courage in vetoing a raise for legislators recently. It had been one of his campaign promises. The legislature voted themselves a raise, anyway, probably to test him, and he stood up to them, risking riling them up and jeopardizing their cooperation down the road.

Everything I have heard about him has been positive.
I voted for Gov. Jindal and think he will do great things for the state of Louisiana.

Let me set the record straight on the pay raise. The Gov. agreed to the pay raise and in exchange the legislature would pass his reforms. The reforms were passed and the shit hit the fan when taxpayers found out that legislators would wind up doubling their salaries. Presently, legislators in this state have the second highest pay scale in the south. The Gov. said he would not sign the pay raise but after so many days it would become law. However, with the outpouring of discontent leading to recalls of him and several other legislators, he changed his mind and vetoed it. I am hoping that these Democratic politicians will not hold it against him. Another Repub.Gov., Buddy Roemer, tried to ramrod legislation down the throats of the Democ. controlled legislature over 20 years ago and it turned into nothing but chaos.