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  1. #1 Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow a vote,Call Congress Back - Sign the Petition 
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    Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow a vote,

    Call Congress Back - Sign the Petition

    There is a petition here:

    Gas prices are out of control. House Republicans have a plan to lower gas prices, a plan that has the votes to pass.

    Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow a vote. In fact, she just shut down Congress for a five-week paid vacation.

    House Republicans took the floor demanding a vote for an energy plan to lower gas prices. Pelosi turned off the lights, the microphones, and the tv cameras.

    House Republicans refused to give up. With the cameras off, and no television audience, these Republicans spoke passionately for their belief that Congress must not wait to do something about skyrocketing gas prices that are causing families to suffer.

    Democrats in Congress have done nothing to lower your gas prices. They have refused to allow a vote and now they have decided to take a vacation.

    It is truly ironic that, in a year when many American families are canceling their vacation plans because of high gas prices, House Democrats are taking theirs before doing anything to lower those gas prices.

    Call Congress back to have an up-or-down vote on a comprehensive energy bill which includes expanded drilling for oil. There is a petition here:
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    I don't sign online petitions (too DUish) but this is interesting:

    Paid for by Cantor for Congress
    Cantor for Congress P.O. Box 17813 Richmond, VA 23226
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