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  1. #1 Comedian Charged By Thought Police. 
    Comedian to face Human Rights Tribunal

    By Sunny Dhillon, THE CANADIAN PRESS

    VANCOUVER — A comedian whose put-downs of a lesbian and her companion in the audience is hoping she doesn’t have the last laugh at a B.C. Human Rights Commission tribunal this week.

    Was Guy Earle’s discriminatory verbal assault spurred solely by the woman’s sexual orientation, or was the professional funny man exercising his right to free speech when an audience member wouldn’t settle down?

    Earle, who’s been a stand-up comic for more than two decades, was the volunteer master of ceremonies at amateur night at a Vancouver restaurant in May 2007.

    Lorna Pardy and her same-sex partner had moved to seats near the stage after the patio closed. Pardy’s lawyer says as they spoke with the waitress they were bombarded by a series of gay slurs courtesy of Earle.

    But Earle, who lives in Georgetown, Ont., and has a day job as a physicist, has a different version of events and said his remarks come with the comedy show territory.

    “When you heckle me and you’ve been disrespectful through the whole show, I come from the George Carlin school of dealing with a heckler,” he said in an interview. “So yeah, I shoved it down their throat and that’s what you do.”

    Earle said the women were disruptive, not only ordering their drinks loudly but ignoring his requests to quiet down because a new comedian was about to take the stage. In fact, he said, they purposely got louder.

    “As an MC, it’s kind of your duty to make sure that nobody’s disrupting the show, nobody’s heckling, nobody’s derailing it,” he said.

    “These guys at this point, they’re making out and flipping me the bird.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by "the article
    “I think there’s been an attempt to spin this to say, ‘Well he’s a comedian so he’s cloaked with some kind of special status’ and that’s just not the case,” she said in an interview.
    Hmm no actually that is how it works.
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    IMO the establishment is to blame. If they as guests were being disruptive the house should have asked them to leave.
    Stand up for what is right, even if you have to stand alone.
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    I've been to enough comedy clubs to know that it is never a good idea to attract attention, good or bad, to yourself if you have less than bullet proof skin.
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
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