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  1. #1 Obama's Kenyan family plans trip to White House. 
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    Reports say that the Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Barrack Obama's family members are already planning on Obama winning the highest office in the nation. Obama's Kenyan cousin, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, says he is lloking forward to visiting his cousin in the White House. "It has always been a dream of mine to visit the United States, but I never thought I would one day visit my cousin in the White House."

    True to his family's form, Mahmoud is already planning for the future in the WHite House by packing up the family belongings and heading for America. "Look out America, here we come!!!!!!!" exclaims Mahmoud, on the road to the airport.

    Mahmoud, and family coming to see their cousin, Barrack Obama, hopefully at his new residence, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
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    What do they know that we don't? Has BO already been selected?
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