by The Colorado Republican Committee

Colorado Republicans: 2008 ACORN "Community Organizer" Abuses Will Be Welcome in Colorado in 2010 Under the Carroll-Buescher "Rig the Election Act"

DENVER -- Colorado Republicans charged today that legislation drafted in secret and on the verge of being introduced in the waning weeks of the 2010 legislative session by House Speaker Terrance Carroll will result in "ACORN-inspired voter fraud."

"Why did Speaker Carroll and his compliant toady Bernie Buescher draft this election rigging bill in secret with no input from Republican legislators or county clerks?" asked Colorado Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams. "Colorado did not experience the vast voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN 'community organizers' across the nation in 2008 but Speaker Carroll seems intent on making sure it will happen in Colorado in 2010."

Colorado Republicans released a video with national news clips detailing the ACORN abuses and warning such illegal activity will be welcome in Colorado under the Carroll-Buescher bill.

"Allowing people to show up on Election Day, register to vote, and then immediately cast a ballot opens the door to the kind of voter fraud Colorado has been fortunate to avoid in the past," Wadhams said. "Allowing organizations to accumulate ballots invites the kind of voter intimidation Colorado has never seen before."

"There's a reason why the vast majority of county clerks, Democrat and Republican, oppose this bill. It is wrong for our state and it is wrong for Carroll and Buescher to try to ram this through during the waning days of the legislative session just months before the November general election," Wadhams said.

"ACORN might have allegedly dismantled their national organization but its clear their ‘community organizing’ to defraud elections will rise again in 2010," Wadhams said. "The Carroll-Buescher 'Rig the Election Act' will welcome this unethical and illegal activity to Colorado."