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Granholm has no judicial experience and her legal experience is limited to one term as Michigan's AG and years working as corporate council for the late Wayne County executive, Ed McNamara. I don't think Obama really wants congress looking at the latter over a supreme court nominee. If anyone really looked into McNamara's books, a whole lot of still-living people would be going to jail, including two governors, a disgraced ex-Detroit mayor and both of his parents, various cops and officials, and Magic Johnson. It's my favorite real conspiracy theory, because everyone has ignored it since McNamara died before the feds could indict him.

I really don't know much about Janet Napolitano's legal backround. I know she's roundly despised here. I don't know much about Kegan, either.
I moved to Michigan after her frist election (I got to vote for Scott McCallum instead :D ) so beside what went on in her second election i don't know a whole lot about her background, and on top of that all I got was South Bend, IN stations and heard about Mitch Daniels campain