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What would it take? (a letter to Nancy Pelosi)
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Dear House Speaker,

What would the Bush/Cheney Administration have to do for you to consider putting impeachment back on the table?

If Cheney had been shown to favor a plan to disguise American soldiers as Iranians and get them to shoot at .....other American soldiers , in order to turn US sentiment towards a pre-emptive invasion of another oil-rich sovereign nation?
Would that get you dusting off the impeachment issue?

If you learned that Bush / Cheney had directed the CIA to forge documents to show a false link between 911 terrorist,,Mohammad Atta and Saddam Hussein, in order to plunge your country into an ill concieved war that costs more treasure than we can afford, and more lives than we can bear?
would that induce you to get that table set?

What if Bush and Cheney had directed their staff to reveal the name of an undercover CIA agent as a cold act of political revenge? Would you be moved to action?

If you learned that the administration stripped our Justice Department and federal judiciary bare, in order to fill it with unqualified jackbooted hacks and partisan butt-kissers. Would that be the straw that does it?

If they wire-tapped hundreds of thousands of US Citizens without warrant? Would that get your interest?
If they kept people cruelly confined for years without trial? Would you so much as raise an eyebrow ?

If they obstructed and impeded investigation of the worst terrorist incident ever to darken our continent?
Would you be look up from your book signing and say, "That is, by God, ENOUGH!"

These questions are rhetorical. Sadly, I know the answers.

Your nation lies bleeding. Justice is a corpse.

History is going to look back to now.

Heres the question that plagues me. I wish, Dear Speaker that it plagued you too. The question I would really like to ask you is this:

What would the Bush administration have to do for you to bring impeachment to the table?

Susan ******