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The poll asks how would you feel about more gun permits in El Paso. The UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) crowd is probably the 700 or so that would be uncomfortable if a private citizen is permitted to carry a weapon. These people seem to forget that the violence across the border in Juarez is already spilling into the U.S.

Also with the Federal Government taking equipment and training to Mexico, so called, to fight the drug cartels, how much time you think before all this is going to be used against U.S. citizens?

Gun permits as of aug 5 2008 1607( 4:07 pm e.s.t )

How would you feel if El Paso had more gun permits?
Total Votes = 2221
More safe
1209 Votes, or 54.43 %
Less safe
819 Votes, or 36.87 %
I'm not sure
193 Votes, or 8.689 %