In the beginning freedom abounded
Then the government said
Let there be law
and the people saw this and it was good

On the second day the government said
Let there be taxes
The people saw this and found it necessary

On the third day the government said
Let there be regulation of commerce
and the people thought it needed

On the fourth day the government said
There are poor among us we must help
So once more they increased taxes
The people were divided

On the fith day the government said
Insurance prices are high and we should provide
Let us take care of you, it will only be right
The people balked at the higher costs
Yet they were forced to accept

On the sixth day the government said
You can't do this, you can't eat that
and the old are a burden on society
They are not productive so they are undeserving
and they were allowed to die
all but the young were outraged

On the seventh day the government said
Nothing at all, just smiled with a warm glow
satisfied they had total control and their continuation
was assurred as long as they could keep them dependent
and their position was good