Why can't the GOP keep those jobs here and create true green jobs? We put a man on the moon, but can't build a car that gets any better mileage than we have now. What about real alternatives that get us OFF of foriegn oil? Isn't that REAL national security? Why isn't THIS part of the GOP message? Do you think the Dems invented Ethanol? Who do you think that was?

Where do you live that getting natural gas is a problem or that it is prohibtively expensive. Where I live many have trucks powered by natural gas.[/QUOTE]

Ask the GOP what. How about let's ask Jimmy Carter who stated that in xx number of years that we would be weaned from foreign oil. You either have a short memory or too young to remember that speech.

What alternatives do you speak of. Ethanol, wind, solar, electric, etc are pipe dreams in your so called real alternatives to making much of a dent/reduction in the importation of foreign oil. FYI, by products of oil number in the hundreds. The computer you looking at has componets of oil in it.

I live in the state where most of the natural gas flows thru. Pickens wants to convert thousands of trucks on the road to natural gas. That will not happen because of the dumb asses in DC because of their hatred of the oil companies. Natural gas is the way to go but Env. kooks want green energy rather than that evil stuff that comes out of the ground. So I guess you will have to ask your legislator for all your WHY, WHY questions.