Sunday, April 11th, 2010

GOP Frontrunner 16-0 vs. Senate Majority Leader In Election Match-Ups

2nd Straight Poll Shows Lowden Dominating The GOP Primary By 18%

Las Vegas, NV) — Today, Nevada businesswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden responded to a new Mason Dixon poll released in this morning’s Las Vegas Review-Journal that shows the GOP frontrunner defeating Harry Reid 46% to 38%. The 8% differential is outside the margin of error and marks the 16th straight poll that shows Lowden defeating the entrenched Senate Majority Leader. The same poll shows Lowden dominating the GOP field for the second straight poll, outpacing Danny Tarkanian by 18% points and Sharron Angle by 40% points. The entire poll can be found at:

“These latest poll numbers are humbling and indicate the continued strength and momentum of our campaign and our message of making job creation the top priority for Nevadans,” stated Sue Lowden. “So far this year, I have traveled more than 10,000 miles across Nevada – introducing myself to hardworking families who are looking for somebody new in Washington who will fight for them rather than re-electing an empty rhetoric, deficit creating, self-serving Senator. Harry Reid stated that he received no negative feedback during last week’s tour of Nevada, yet he continues to lose poll after poll with unfavorable ratings over 50 percent. If he didn’t hear any negativity, he can definitely see it once again in this latest poll.”4.11 Poll

Lowden added, “The fact remains, going against a career politician who has been entrenched in Washington for nearly three decades make me the underdog in this campaign until the polls close on election night. My volunteers, supporters and donors understand this and I owe this lead to them, their tireless work and their belief that Nevada will be better off once we finally retire Harry Reid for good.”


Sue Lowden officially launched her campaign for U.S. Senate on October 1, 2009. As a former Nevada State Senator and conservative businesswoman, Sue is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination against a number of candidates. The recent Mason-Dixon/Review-Journal poll had Sue up by 18% in the GOP primary. The same poll had Sue up by 8% against Harry Reid even with a “Tea Party” candidate listed on the hypothetical general election ballot. Since January 1st of this year, Lowden has traveled more than 10,000 miles in Nevada by foot, car, RV, and Southwest airlines.

In her solutions-based campaign, Sue Lowden has offered a number of policy positions on her web page describing how we can begin creating jobs again in Nevada and throughout America, as well as how we can lessen the cost of health insurance so more Nevadans can afford to pay needed coverage. Further, Lowden has called for immediate, across-the-board spending cuts to reduce our deficit, and support for efforts to repay taxpayers the unspent TARP money as well as unspent federal stimulus dollars.

Despite record unemployment, record home foreclosures and record bankruptcies, Harry Reid recently described Nevada’s economy as facing “robust growth.” Sue Lowden responded with the following web ad: All other ads can be found on her web page, as well.