OK, Missouri folks, what's the story?

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DUer Galoglas arrested today when he went to vote!!!!

Just got off the phone with him. They asked him for more ID than state law requires and when he refused, he was arrested!! He promised to post the whole story when he gets home. He just got out of jail and is on the phone with several officials. He called and asked me to post the news of his arrest. So watch for his thread.
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18. Missouri

No voter ID but you have to show something. Sorry I am not clear on the law. I live in KS.
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28. They asked him for something with his signature

He said the law doesn't require that. They refused to let him vote and he was arrested. He'll have to fill in the details. This is all he told me on the phone.
Here is what I found:
What type of identification do I need at the polling place?

Missouri law now requires that, before receiving a ballot, voters must identify themselves by presenting a form of personal identification from the following list:

* A voter ID card
* Identification issued by the State of Missouri or any agency of the state.
* Identification issued by any agency of the United States Government.
* Identification issued by an institution of higher learning located within Missouri (university, college, trade or technical school).
* A current utility bill, bank statement, government check or other government document containing the name and address of the voter.
* Driver's license or state identification card issued by any state.
* Personal knowledge of the voter by both election supervisors upon completion of a voter affidavit that is signed by both supervisors and the voter.

NOTE: If the voter does not have any identification and is not personally known by both supervisors, he/she may not vote.
one Duer has doubts:
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30. ok. but...

"They refused to let him vote and he was arrested"

The details before the "and" make all the difference.

Did they ask him to leave, and he refused, and was subsequently arrested for a trespass after prohibition? were the cops called by the poll workers? why?

or what? Again, I'd also like to see the PC cert.

In my many years in law enforcement I only heard of one person ever arrested in conjunction with voting.

It was a person who got into an argument with the volunteers, was asked to leave ... repeatedly... refused... and was arrested.
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