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    And here! Home intrusion.

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    This is from last year before the amendments were added exempting exsisting sturctures and applying the legislation to only new construction.

    I liked this post though;

    Your logic equates to that of the little boy who asked his mom "Why do I have to wipe my butt? I'm only going to be pooping again, later."

    Can you remember the photographs of Los Angeles, CA taken in the sixties with the brown haze dome covering it? Are you familiar with the high cancer rates associated with the people living in areas polluted with industrial waste in recent decades?

    Rupert Murdock thought that there was nothing to fuss about then, either. However, man-made legislation created technology and jobs that resolved those man-made issues, as well.

    The Homestar Bill (which will provide tax incentives for retrofitting existing structures) and the Cap and Trade bill that will mandate other energy control features are only the first small steps in the right direction. Undoubtedly, there will be more.

    And the big polluters will spend big dollars with their big lobbiests to attempt to influence people to see the advantages of coal dust much as the cigarette manufacturers advertising the sex appeal of smoking. That is to be expected.

    But these bills are all bi-partisan and are assured to pass. It's time for us to join other nations in discovering the economic benefits, including the increases in employment and the creation of new technology, in this new area of energy conservation.

    Let me save you the trouble from hearing it later from the stockholders of Exxon when the mass production of cars that run on hydrogen (the main ingredient of water) begin to hit the road. These vehicles will (insert everything bad that is presently being said about any other energy efficient law or measure ever taken, here) and will destroy America. LOL.

    Let's face it....there are industries that will be harmed by progress in the energy conservation/environmental protection fields....just as there will be industries created and thriving. We are at the cusp of a new phase, much like those who operated the livery stables when the automobile was invented. We can expect these very wealthy and very frightened industries to go out with as much noise as they can make....but it doesn't mean we have to be affected by it.
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