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  1. #1 University of Pennsylvania offering sex-change coverage to students 
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    Penn offering sex-change coverage to students
    The Associated Press
    Updated: 04/15/2010 11:53:13 AM EDT

    PHILADELPHIA—Transgender students at the University of Pennsylvania will now be eligible for sex change treatments under the school's new student health plan.

    University spokesman Ron Ozio says Penn president Amy Gutmann approved the changes last week to the Penn Student Insurance Plan, which is typically used by students who aren't otherwise covered by insurance.

    The benefits will go into effect this fall. Coverage includes up to $50,000 for gender reassignment surgery as well as therapy and hormone treatments.

    Ozio says the additional coverage will have a negligible effect on premiums for the approximately 8,000 Penn students who use the university's plan.

    The president of Lambda Alliance, a campus advocacy group for gender and sexual minorities, says the change brings Penn in line with other schools.

    My student health insurance barely covered antibiotics way back when. Holy crap.
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