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No kidding. If you seriously believed you were a black woman trapped in a white woman's body, do you think your doctor would enthusiastically help you to "become" black? Do you think that genetic black women would view you as a sister?

Yet, we seem to think that catering to a psychological illness is okay if it involves men yet again defining womanhood and naturally if we allow that, we also have to let a handful of women pretend to manhood.

I know, my sister and I have this discussion frequently, as she runs an agency that is very politically correct on "GLBT" issues. I told her I feel sorry for people who have had the operations. They are stuck. I don't have a problem with a male to female ts sharing a bathroom with me, but I know other women do. I would never mistreat a person who has been surgically altered in that manner, but I think the doctors are the ones that need to stop this.