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Tucker Carlson: Liberals have a problem with Michele Bachmann because she's "effective"

Sorry Tucker, but the leaders of the Tea Party movement as we've said time and time again here are the astroturf, industry funded groups paying to promote these rallies and Fox News for helping them along. They don't need a single leader, but Sarah Palin's not it. She's just another useful tool willing to cash in with the sore losermans who are still pissed off because she and McCain lost the election.

Carlson, par for the course, decided to use Michele Bachmann, another woman he's apparently "impressed with," to take a shot at liberals. Of course the only reason someone would have a problem with her is because she's "effective"., Tucker -- the reason people have a problem with her is because, like Palin, she's a bomb-throwing, lying, race-baiting, McCarthy wannabe who's using the same dog-whistle language as Palin to incite the less sane among the masses with absolutely no regard for any of the consequences of her actions and her words.
Translation: This is "code" for :: She knows how to motivate the base and she tells the truth making our people (progressives and Democrats....especially politicians) look like fools and liars and we can't have that.

Most of the comments are predictable....full of hatred and vile, but then there are these two.
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9. While I personally am turned off by M. Bachmen, she is effective.

She draws a crowd and gets attention.

When people say someone is effective, they are not agreeing
with the person or their beliefs necessarily, they might
literally disapprove but they are admitting the person is
accomplishing their goal.
Firing up the base and telling the truth. Yep, she's effective.

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29. I think its a female thing, actually...

We're not as vehement about Sean Hannity, Beck, or O'Reilly as we are with Bachmann, Palin or just pick a female. Then again, old Joe the Plumber struck a nerve, too. Mike Pence...I see him on television every day, but he doesn't seem to bring the same amount of venom. Tucker, Tucker seems worthy of extreme heat from us, but he doesn't even generate the same response.

I'll have to look into this gender politics thing. It's definitely on the right. The venom spewed against Hillary Clinton was downright weird in comparison to other candidates, even from other women. Pelosi gets more heat from the right, than Harry Reid.

It's not because Bachmann is effective. She isn't. It's because she's female. I think there is an American element, left or right, that wants political women to be quiet UNLESS they agree with us (whoever the us is). Men get a bit more leeway. But, how dare a women differ in opinion.

A woman who differs in opinion, is stupid, a bad mother, a litany of degrading terms that are unspeakable. I thought we were different from this.

I do realize some DUers are consistent and gender doesn't matter. But, I also know, down deep, some of this is about gender.
I think there is an American element on the left that wants political women and Black conservatives to be quiet UNLESS they agree with us (whoever the us is).
There, that's fixed.