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  1. #1 seriously people! these du'ers are nothing to mess with! 
    i know that tit is the biggest badass since before rambo was ever conceived, but i saw a couple of threads tonight that had me reconsider the dummies.

    the first:

    Good God, angry people.

    My wife and I were in our front yard watching some rabbits that are in the neighborhood. After my wife went in I was smoking a cigarette when a car comes flying up and slams on the breaks in front of my house. Guy jumps out with a gun screaming "you shinned that light at my car! I ought to blow your God damn head off!" I just shook my head thinking, this guy is going to murder me because a flash light was shined at his car. He just mumbled something else, slammed the door and sped off.
    the bad guy pointed a gun at rgbolen, threatened to "blow his head off" and rgbolen just shook his head at him. this alone frightened off the bad guy. rgbolen must be one tough homre.

    and the second:

    Ghost in the Machine
    Why are some drunks so fucking stupid? I just got into a fist fight with an idiot...

    This guy my sister has been dating is a real loser asshole. He claims to be a christian (of course), but he likes to get drunk and all pilled up and get stupid. Earlier today, he hit my sister in the eye... and she beat the hell out of him (I taught her how to defend herself when she was young). He left before the cops got here, but not before knocking a hole in her wall, kicking a hinge off a door, kicking a dent in her car door and breaking her windshield.

    The dumbass got a few more beers in him... and decided to come back. My son saw him come up the hill and told me. I told him to call my mom & dad and have them call the cops back, since they had talked to them earlier, and my sister was at their house (we all live within a couple doors of each other). We all took off down to my sister's house, and this idiot had broken a window and went into the house. We immediately called the cops back and let them know.

    While we were outside waiting, the drunk idiot decided to come out to the street where my folks were parked in their truck, and I was standing beside the truck. My kids and their friends were standing in the street, too. First off, the idiot charged up to my dad's window acting all badass, cussing and calling my dad all kinds of cocksuckers and motherfuckers, then started coming around to my mom's side cussing her. I stepped in between him and the truck, and told him he needed to just calm down and get off of our property. I never raised my hands, or my voice, to him. He decided he wanted to walk up into my face and try to headbutt me.....

    Wrong move on his part.... I hit him right square in the mouth and staggered him backwards. The dumbass then tried to rush me, but I just popped him in the face again... and he went down to the ground. I just stood there, didn't try to attack him while he was down or anything, just told him he needed to get up and leave before the cops got there (we live way out in the country, it takes them a while to get here). Well, as you can guess, the dumbfuck tried to rush me again... he got caught with another straight punch to the face... and went down again.

    This happened 3 times... THREE FUCKING TIMES... the 4th time, I fully unloaded on him and knocked him flat on his back in the street... and when he moved like he was gonna get up again I was all over his ass. I beat him like the piece of shit he is. I'll have to admit that I was fully intent on putting him either in the hospital or in the morgue, and I didn't care which one it was. I was in zone, a place where I haven't been in a long time. I used to get paid to hurt people. I've tried to put violence and my old ways behind me, and live a peaceful existence for my remaining years. If it hadn't been for my dad yelling at me to STOP!... the idiot would probably be dead right now. As it stands, he went to jail with both eyes swollen almost shut, a busted nose, a busted lip, several loose teeth and one eye split open. I also told the cop right to his face that if the asshole came back on MY property trying to start some more shit that they were gonna be picking him up in a meat wagon. The cop just smiled and nodded.

    I'm actually upset more right now because I let someone get me for my cool and made me revert (momentarily) back to some of my old ways, but goddammit, ain't NO ONE gonna treat my sister, much less my 66 year old mother & 70 year old father, that way. This guy is 27 years old, and has been telling everyone for the last 6 months or more that he was a "trained UFC Fighter and I bring the pain!" He found out what pain is tonight. After the cops left with him, I had a talk with my kids and their friends. I apologized to them for having to see something like that. I tried to explain to them that violence isn't the answer, but sometimes you can't avoid it no matter what. I've taught my kids self defense, but I've always taught them that they are NEVER to start a fight, just end it quickly if someone puts their hands on them. I don't believe in "turn the other cheek". I don't look for trouble (anymore), but if it finds me, I don't back down from it. I'll try to talk someone out of a fight, but if you put your hands on me, all bets are off.

    There's one funny aspect I've found in though... you see, I'm 90% total permanent disabled and have been through 2 major neck surgeries. This stupid little drunk, 27 year old UFC fighter wannabe got his ass kicked twice today.... once by a girl & once by a 45 year old disabled man. :rofl:

    Again, why are some drunks so fucking stupid?

    Thanks for letting me rant...


    omg! ghost is 90% total permanent disabled, 45 years old and can still kick the ass of a 27 yo drunk.

    i'm telling you, no wonder dummies want to remove all guns from citizens. dummies don't need guns. dummies can and will kick all of our asses. they are that powerful.

    be afraid. be very afraid...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sofa king View Post
    omg! ghost is 90% total permanent disabled, 45 years old and can still kick the ass of a 27 yo drunk.
    I have been training very hard since January and a month ago I decided that I was in good enough physical condition to get back in the dojo. I joined a gym that is training MMA/UFC type styles. I have no grappling training so I felt that this would be good for me.

    I am okay when I have some space and can keep a guy off with my punches (I was an amatuer boxer for a while) and kicks, but once they close in and go all Muy Thai on me with knees and elbow in the clinches...I am a bit out of my element. I am 47 years old and have trained in martial arts (Taekwondo and Shaolin Kenpo Karate) or boxed off and on for over 30 years. Right now I am in equal or better condition than I was in the Army and can easily max the push-up and sit-up portion of the Army PT test. Even so I am getting my ass handed to me sparring against these guys on a consistent basis.

    I must bow to Ghost and hope to someday achieve a level of badassery where I can kick an MMA or UFC fighter's ass when 90% disabled.
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