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I had my first discussion with a teabagger type saturday
I live in a bit of a bubble, just about everyone where I work is pretty progressive, and Minneapolis is a pretty progressive place in general, so it kind of surprised me. I was taking the bus back from a show I went to Saturday night, and this guy gets on and starts yelling "Michelle Obama for president"...and then a few seconds later, after looking like he was very confused about the words coming out of his mouth, starts yelling "Michele Bachmann for president". And then he starts talking about how the president is a socialist and we're becoming the United Socialist States of America. I had the misfortune of sitting across the aisle from him, and he was directing most of his comments my way, and the way of the older disabled guy sitting in the seat next to me. He's saying stuff like "I'm glad my tax dollars are paying for your disability payments" and stuff like that, in a very sarcastic tone.
I pointed out to him that bus fair is 60% subsidized by the government, and that public transportation in general is a very socialist idea. After I said that, he got very red in the face and gave me the 'death stare' as I like to describe it. I just turned and faced the other way, and he ended up getting off at the next stop and left me with the parting words "Fuck all this socialist shit".
My thinking is that if you don't want to be surrounded by progressive thinking, socialist public transit, etc etc, you should move someplace that isn't so full of lefties like Minneapolis is, or else you'll just be constantly frustrated by our willingness to help you despite your douchebaggery.

Has all the classic Bouncy scenarios. Rethuglican just randomly starts shouting talking points, Dummy counters with the "truth", Rethuglican is dumbfounded and cant say anything else, gets off the bus in shame...

I think the low post count means this is a mole...