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How do you fight willful ignorance?
Had a heated discussion with my brother over politics. Sometimes he’s serious and sometimes he just likes to get me all riled up just because he knows he can. Anyway, he says Obama is turning us into a Socialist country and we’ve never been closer to Fascism than we are now.

So I asked, “What do those words mean?”

“Uh, what?”

“Can you tell me what the definition of Socialism is? Or Fascism or Communism?”


“Okay, when you figure it out we can talk because we’ll both be using the same language. ‘Til then have another beer and just chill.”

End of that particular conversation.

How do you fight ignorance? Or worse yet, willful ignorance; a lack of curiosity about what we’re being told and willingness to embrace anything that will fit on a bumper sticker?

Taxed Enough Already? Yet federal taxes on every income are now the lowest in 50 years. The Bush tax cuts will expire and the Health Care taxes will start but they’ll still be the lowest in 50 years for 90% of us.

Coming to take your guns? The Brady organization rates Obama “F” for failure to curb gun crime and the President of Mexico is begging him crack down on weapons transfers across the border and he does nothing.

Guy at work, “I don’t need the government in my life.”

Me, “How’d you get to work? Drive on a highway?”

GAW, “I don’t need a highway, I’ve got a 4 wheel drive.”

Me, “How ‘bout your wife, parents, in-laws? They all have off road vehicles or you just don’t give a shit?”

*End of that particular conversation.

Before the election of ’08 some guy in my store spouts off that Obama can’t win because, “Nobody he knows will vote for a ******.”

Me, “Sir, you there in the Dallas Cowboys t-shirt with the bulging biceps and dark skin, care to explain the democratic process to this fellow over here?”

End of that particular conversation.

So how do you fight such willful ignorance? Ignorance flaunted as if every body in earshot accepts it?

*No bigots were harmed in the production of this post.

This man is a "truth to power" Terminator. A machine fighting the lies of the rethuglican party.

Notice a theme in every one of his "situations"....