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NY Times: Up to 300,000 public school jobs could be cut

School districts around the country ... are warning hundreds of thousands of teachers that their jobs may be eliminated in June.

... their usual sources of revenue — state money and local property taxes — have been hit hard by the recession. In addition, federal stimulus money earmarked for education has been mostly used up this year.
Districts in California have pink-slipped 22,000 teachers. Illinois authorities are predicting 17,000 public school job cuts. And New York has warned nearly 15,000 teachers that their jobs could disappear in June.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan estimated that state budget cuts imperiled 100,000 to 300,000 public school jobs. In an interview on Monday, he said the nation was flirting with “education catastrophe.”

The stimulus is running out fast. That's for sure. Unemployment is likely to rise this year with so many local governments laying off teacher, cops, firefighters, etc.

Joe Stiglitz said he couldn't understand how the Obama team could design a stimulus bill that seeks to hire temporary construction workers while ignoring the larger problem of local and state employees like teachers who have a huge reservoir of institutional knowledge. The stimulus seems to be inverted.

This is why we should be pushing the White House, Pelosi and Reid to support the Local Jobs for America Act, which will send immediate and direct aid to state and local governments.
What a SHOCK!! The stimulus money encouraged schools to not bother to decrease their spending or deal with financial problems. So now it's spring 2010....and ...... shock...... schools are short of money and in panic mode and demands are being made for the government to FIX THE PROBLEM ie. more money!

And unemployment?...........that's a big surprise least to democrats.