The Imperious Nancy Pelosi

"Old Nan Pelosi: 'I'm trying to save the planet' ."

"She hit the national television circuit Monday with her new book, “Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.” Next month, she’ll chair the convention in Denver that will nominate Barack Obama

“the next president of the United States. I feel very certain of that,” Pelosi says."

Power is known to do some mighty strange things to otherwise quite normal people. At this perilous moment in our history, we have given a great deal of power to a kindly Catholic grandmother named Nancy. And, unfortunately for us little people, it seems to have gone straight to the little old lady's head.

(Snip) she has already waged war with the Pentagon over her use of military jets to return to her district[TL1] , ordered organic menus at government cafeterias, and pushed the Congress -- and all the rest of us -- green.

Not content to deal only with domestic policy and stay within the framework of her constitutional role as House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has traveled abroad as a foreign-policy emissary, spoke for America to the Israelis, then mis-spoke for the Israelis to the Syrians, then managed to worm her way out of the whole conundrum without so much as a broken nail.

This lady is wily; one must give her that.

Of course, some would consider Ms. Pelosi's housekeeping abilities to be somewhat less than she claimed before assuming her current role. Presiding over the most drastic plunge in the public's approval rating for the United States Congress ever seems to allow much room for improvement. With her Congress now at an unprecedentedly low 9% approval rating from the public she serves, it would seem very, very, very bad timing for imperious acts.

Imperious people rarely take proper note of personal limitations, however.

Ms. Pelosi, this week, imperiously deigned not to allow a vote on the lifting of the oil-drill ban. Then, when Republican Congressmen refused to halt the debate, attempting to force an up or down vote before the month-long vacation, Ms. Pelosi imperiously used her power over the electrical power and extinguished the lights.

At this very moment, Republicans are continuing the debate in the darkened halls of Congress, while Princess Pelosi is on vacation, carried back to California on one of our military jets and using lots and lots and lots of jet fuel to get there. American taxpayers all over the Land, many of whom could not even afford a modest summer vacation somewhere close by because of the high gas prices, are taking note.

She really does believe that she is a sort of president as well and is trying to exercise authority far beyond her position. That and her destruction of the Democratic process of the House should be ample commercial fodder to be used in some parts of the country. That and her Botoxed alien face

Nanny Pelosi makes Marie Antoinette seem like Betty Crocker.
We do have a final say. The people who sent this harridan to Washington could send her packing at the next election. It might be too late then; we are in a downward spiral thanks to the Dimwits who have been hell-bent on destroying anything and everything this President has tried to do. They try to blame Bush but it won't work. You say that their approval rate in the polls is down to 9%. I say that they are at 91% DISAPPROVAL.

Am I the only one that thinks she resembles the lead character in 101 dalmations cartoon