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    Because we all know how effective the DUmps boycotts are!!! :D

    arcadian (1000+ posts) Fri Apr-23-10 09:53 PM
    Original message Boycott Arizona

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    Pheonix is also bidding to have the 2012 Democratic National Convention. 4 Peaks Brewing Co. , Greyhound Corp, PF Chang, Petsmart, UHaul Corp, Ramada Inn Corp., Sky Mall corp., Shamrock Farms all are major Arizona corporations. Do not give them your business until this vile law is rescinded.
    I love when stuff like this happens, they really go off the deep end. :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Boycott hell. I want to move back.
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    Me and my boyfriend go to PFChangs all the time! :D

    Now we'll have to go like. . . even more. :p

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    Boycott? Heck, Texas and AZ just became two of my favorite places and possibly next move. I think I'll fire up the Iron Horse this summer and take a ride there so I can spend some money.
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    This boycott will have the same impact as the rest DU has engaged in; none at all.
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