I don't know how many of you own a PS3 but I just finished one of the best games I've ever played. It's called Heavy Rain. It's a mystery about a serial killer who kidnaps young boys about 10-12 years old, puts them in a ditch or drain where rain water will build up which will drown him if the kid's father doesn't go through a shit load of fucked up trials in order to find his location. There is a reason why the killer does this which you find out as you play the game. It plays out like a movie. You control 4 characters; a father who's boy was abducted and is in peril, a journalist who helps out the father, an FBI profiler, and a private detective. Controlling the players is tricky and you have to have some sort of hand/eye coordination because if you don't hit buttons correctly, it could be curtains for one of your characters. Speaking of which, if you get one of the characters killed, it isn't game over. You still continue until either all characters are dead(and you get the appropriate ending) or you conclude the game in some way with 1 or all characters alive. I finished last night with 3 of the 4(thanks to me slow witted brain, one of the characters met a particularly gruesome end). This isn't your typical hack and slash video game and it is definitely for mature audiences as, believe it or not, it contains nudity aside from the violence. This isn't a button masher either. There is actually rhyme and reason to the button sequences and as I found out, either missing them or hitting them the wrong way tends to end up very bad. And if you're not into games that take a lot of patience, this isn't the game for you.

Anyway, as I said, don't know how many gamers are on here but for those who like a more sophisticated experience, this is a game to get. Oh, and XBOX 360 players need not apply. This is a PS3 only game.