Muslims Riot in Dudley over cancelled mega-mosque project
May 3, 2010
By paul collier
Thousands Of Muslims Rioting in Dudley, Muslim Gangs Wilding with Knives as EDL Stages Rooftop Protest of Monster Mosque
“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and Muslims our soldiers…” The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, publicly read an Islamic poem.

Senior EDL leadership informs me that thousands of Muslims have begun rioting in Dudley, and throwing missiles and objects at the protesters — the true face of Islam.

EDL leadership report that in addition to thousands of rioting Muslims, loads of muslim gangs are roaming. The English Defence League has occupied the rooftop of a derelict building in Dudley earmarked for a mammoth new mosque. EDL Members are camped out on the roof of the proposed site of the Dudley monster mosque. The Muslims are throwing objects at the roof protesters, but are unable to reach.
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In England, A Victory for Freedom
By Pamela Geller
In an unprecedented victory for free people everywhere, a monster mosque costing $27 million that had been planned for the English town of Dudley despite overwhelming opposition from the townspeople has been scrapped. 55,000 locals had signed a petition against the mosque, but the dhimmi government went over their heads and said it was going to be built anyway. But in the end, the Muslims and the government didn't get their way.

That this mosque would have gone ahead at all after the petitions shows a contempt for the people that is breathtaking. But now it has been scrapped after a brilliant protest staged by the courageous English patriots of the much-maligned English Defence League.

The EDL on Sunday occupied the rooftop of the abandoned building that had been slated to be turned into the mammoth new mosque. EDL members camped out on the roof of the building. The EDL's website said that the protestors had "food and water to last them weeks, and a PA system to give speeches." They played the Muslim call to prayer over their PA system, to give the locals a taste of what was in store for them.
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