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  1. #1 Oblivion: anyone playing this? 
    I grabbed it a while back and have only recently had time to play it...the scenery is great, the night sky montages are magnificent (that massive planet in close orbit at night is really something)

    Using a battlemage at the moment, between swordplay and some of the more useful spells...Bethesda did a hell of a job.

    The main part is part finished and I've headed off to do the Knights of the Nine arc...finding those damned wayshrines was a pain in the ass.

    Damn, is it fun.

    Fallout 3 New Vegas is due soon, and I am hoping that they have made this one quality..Fallout 3 was fantastic. Stand on the crossbridge between Our Lady of Hope Hospital and the Statesman Hotel at night....eerie and sad. The sound of the wind howling through the empty streets was haunting.

    BTW: If you get the Point Lookout add on for FO3, you'll notice that someone at Bethesda hates Cabbage Patch dolls :D
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