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    The problem will be mainly from the really highly paid wage workers, such as managers and mid-level executives who aren't exactly wealthy, but who's interests do lie in the interests of the wealthy elite.
    I don't get this. What do you consider "really highly paid wage workers"? Give me a number here.

    Anyway, my point is that rarely on the Federal level do you find a politician that goes into whatever sub-committee or staff meeting and thinks "how can I benefit the disparate individuals that comprise the American citizenry today?" Which is why, philosophically, I favor small government with limited powers. But at the same time I don't think there is some deliberate conspiracy between any sort of "wealthy elite" and the upper echelons of civil service. I just think its a mere matter of humans being fundamentally interested in self-preservation in the workplace (including elected officials), and that the individual American voter doesn't have a whole lot of power at the federal level based on how our system of government operates. And no, I don't think any sort of large organized labor movement is the answer either, since in order to be effective these just end up suffering from the same sorts of issues as large government.
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