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Has he forgotten Hitler?
Of course not. Woody's seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, so he knows that the Nazis were bad guys. :D

Liberals know that Hitler was bad, but they believe that he was bad because they've been told it repeatedly by the media and what little education they have had about the Nazis and totalitarian movements, but most liberals can't really explain much more about Nazism than that they were racist murderers. They think that there are "good" dictators (on the left) and "bad" dicators (on the right, or what they have been told is the right, since many of their bete noirs were actually leftists, such as Mussolini, Peron and good old Adolph). As a result of these ideological blinkers, they think that they "know" that Franco was bad, as were Mussolini, Pinochet, Somoza and Battista, but they don't understand that Lenin, Mao, Castro, Allende, Ortega, Chavez and Che were far more vicious and destructive, and when one of their icons does become discredited as a monster, such as Stalin or Pol Pot, they simply ignore their leftist credentials or excuse them as having "deviated" from the path of "true socialism." If, instead of trying to keep score between the left and the right, they examined the differences between liberty and the various strains of tyrrany in the world, they'd see that some of their chosen villains actually advanced freedom (Pinochet, for example), while most of their heroes were simply thugs with good press.