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Alabama Secretary Chapman Says Voter Fraud Reports Continue Updated at 6:15 AM

Montgomery Advitiser
August 5, 2008

Secretary of State Beth Chapman says just two months after the June primary election and 65 business days prior to the November presidential general election, new allegations of voter fraud continue on a weekly basis. More than ten new complaints have come in during the past two weeks alone.

Chapman says that the website,, and toll-free number, 1-800-274-VOTE have been instrumental in receiving the allegations.

"Voter Fraud is one big business in Alabama that needs to be shut down," Chapman said. "Dead people can not vote, and those living over the age of 18 who are Alabama citizens and citizens of the United States of America should only vote once” she continued. Chapman says she will do everything within her power to "ensure that fair and honest elections prevail."

Absentee voting and selling votes appear to be the biggest conduits for recent voter fraud allegations.
This and more in Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8//6/08
one problem:
In May, a local citizens group gathered affidavits detailing several cases in which at least one Democratic county official paid citizens for their votes, or encouraged them to vote multiple times.