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    Sad story about elderly woman who pulls a shotgun on a census worker who comes to the door around dusk. Census worker leaves, calls her supervisor, and then the police are called. Police arrive after 10PM, woman brings shotgun to the door and points it, police put 5 or 6 bullets in her killing her. Old woman never shot the gun. (We don't even know if it was loaded)

    Now, you don't go pulling weapons on census workers or police, and quite frankly, the cops' reaction was understandable. But she was 67 and one would think that DU liberals would have some pity, since they have pity for gang members and drug dealers who get shot by police. But no!

    A 67-year-old Yuba City woman was shot and killed by officers when she pointed a shotgun at them and refused to put it down, according to Yuba City police.

    Victoria Helen Roger-Vasselin was pronounced dead late Thursday at her home at 764 Mariner Loop in an affluent neighborhood on the city’s far south side.

    A U.S. Census worker “had been confronted by residents who pointed a firearm at the worker and said they would not answer any questions and closed the door,” said police spokeswoman Shawna Pavey.

    When two male officers arrived, 51-year-old Lionel Patterson answered the door, armed with a handgun, police said.

    “As officers were dealing with the male, a female approached the door with a shotgun and ignored officers’ orders to release the weapon. As the female advanced on officers, she continued to point the shotgun at officers in a threatening manner and the two officers fired their service weapons, hitting the female,” police said.

    Who was the numbnut RW Media figure who said they'd point a shotgun at a census worker? One point - I don't think census workers should be coming to the door at night.
    The Magistrate is in rare form here:

    harkadog (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 06:58 PM
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    25. I am working on the Census project

    and they do have rules which state no night (after dark) work. No exceptions.
    The Magistrate (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 07:04 PM
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    29. Always Remember To Read the Article, Sir, Before Leaping To Defense Of The Radical Right Nut-Case

    'The female census taker knocked on the door at 7:45 p.m. about 25 minutes before sunset when workers are supposed to quit. The Roger-Vasselin home was the last one on her list before she went home, he said.

    'Patterson answered the door and first talked with the census taker, Le said.

    '"The visit was quite routine" until Roger-Vasselin approached with a gun, he said.

    'The census taker immediately left and called her supervisor. It was 9:04 p.m. when police were called, after news of the incident traveled up the Census Bureau's chain of command, Le said.'
    The Magistrate (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 07:54 PM
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    61. And For Which, Ma'am, She Got Shot Dead: Self-Correcting Situation

    Rather like someone convinced they can fly stepping off the roof of a sky-scraper.

    Insane or un-sane she may well have been, but the form it took made her a danger to others, and so the argument she could not help herself does not really work in her favor....
    Nikki Stone1 (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 11:47 PM
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    80. Your lack of mercy astounds me, Magistrate

    I feel very sorry for the woman. I think she was definitely a victim of both bad media and inept policing.
    he Magistrate (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 11:57 PM
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    81. "Sane Or Mad, Ma'am: Rebels Hang."

    My sympathy with armed sedition is nil; people who take up arms against a government ought to expect it to use arms against them, and have little ground for complaint when it does so. This applies whether the people taking up arms against a government do so from the left or the right.

    "Mercy by definition is undeserved: were it deserved, it would not be mercy but justice."
    This post is an excellent take on the thread:

    Decoy of Fenris (70 posts) Sat May-22-10 07:11 AM
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    92. An honest question that is niggling at me about this.

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    *dons a vest that hopefully proves flame-retardant*

    Now, I've lurked here for a few years, and occasionally I'd see a post where a cop shoots someone. The (generalized) response was, essentially, outcries of police not doing their jobs, taking advantage of their authority, just being eager to kill someone, et cetera.

    My question in regards to this is... Why is this case so different?

    We have testimony from the cops, and the cops alone, that this woman was pointing a gun at them "threateningly" at the time of the shooting. I will grant that if such was the case, the police acted in their own defense, if not necessarily completely rationally (as opposed to backing off.)

    This entire situation was a clusterfuck of overreactions; on the part of the old lady, on the part of the census... erm... dispatchers? On the part of the police... I guess what I'm wondering is why I'm seeing posts borderline cheering the loss of a human life in the name of political capital. If a wingnut with more than a few screws loose dies, it's just "one less wingnut", but if it's a homeless man or a proponent of civil liberties who was killed in their own home, it's a deplorable crime?

    I am new to this site, and I have no doubt that I'll end up on the thick end of a beat-stick, but... I kind of feel morally obligated to say that this whole thing was wrong. All parties in the conflict were horridly, horridly wrong, a life was lost, yet a fair number of the responses here are, to (EDIT) put it bluntly, either neutral or something along the lines of "Good." (END EDIT)

    Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with that?

    All right, let's have the flames. *Braces for impact*
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    I wonder how they would have acted on the du if this woman was black? I remember not too long ago when a lone police officer was confronted by a cop killer and shot him dead. A majority criticized the cop for his actions, even though the perp was known to be armed and dangerous. I believe it was in Washington state.
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