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  1. #1 Nine-time deportee arrested for rape near Seattle 
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    Of course it's all our fault...

    alp227 (1000+ posts) Mon May-24-10 01:48 PM
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    Nine-time deportee arrested for rape near Seattle
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    Jonathan Turley posted a story (source: KING-TV) about Jose Lopez Madrigal, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who's been deported from the US 9 times and is now in jail for allegedly taking a woman to a dumpster and raping her. Madrigal used nearly 30 aliases. His past criminal record includes:
    - 1989: Armed robbery, deported (California)
    - 1999: Drug dealing, deported three times (California)
    - 2000: Ditto
    - 2002: 3rd degree sexual assault, deported (Colorado)
    - 2003: Deported three times

    So simply deporting every illegal immigrant won't prevent re-entry unless the US beefs up border security.

    (on edit) And yes, even though you may deplore states' supposed spending more on prisons than on schools, people like Madrigal are why you should be THANKFUL that prisons exist. Had he served for a long time maybe he could be less of a threat to public safety.

    Warpy (1000+ posts) Mon May-24-10 01:54 PM
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    1. Why the hell was he deported before he'd finished a lengthy sentence?
    This is a public health and safety issue, keeping this kind of scum off the streets.

    Since Mexico seems unmotivated to keep him off the streets, maybe it's our job.
    OUR FAULT, and we're even worse!!

    sinkingfeeling (1000+ posts) Mon May-24-10 01:58 PM
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    3. And how many US citizens have a similar rap sheet without the deportation?
    (interesting that sinking has a pic of teddy kennedy)

    Have I mentioned

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