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    I was just reading the latest story regarding N. Korea and thinking to myself that we seem to be getting closer and closer to trading shots with them. It got me thinking about how the DUmp would react, and when the first person over there would come up with a conspiracy theory about the torpedo incident.

    So I head over there to collect a few threads to post there, open up General Discussion, and low and behold the VERY FIRST thread in the list is this.

    Prometheus Bound (1000+ posts) Fri May-21-10 08:42 PM
    Original message
    What if North Korea didn't fire the torpedo?
    Advertisements [?]Who am I to question the "experts", but here goes, in no particular order of importance, but just notes I make while reading:

    1. Why is a new commission being convened?
    The United Nations Command said Friday that it will convene a special committee to review the investigation that concluded North Korea had torpedoed a South Korean patrol ship.

    Why would they do this it it was cut and dried?

    2. NK vehemently denies the accusation.
    North Korea dismissed the allegation Thursday that it attacked a South Korean Navy vessel in March as "sheer fabrication," ....

    In an unusually swift response, the North said Thursday the report was based on "sheer fabrication" and threatened "all-out war" in response to any attempt to punish it.

    On Friday the communist state's official Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea reiterated claims the South had fabricated the evidence.

    "It just produced fragments and pieces of aluminium whose origin remains unknown as 'evidence', becoming the target of derision," a committee spokesman said in a statement on official media.

    North Korea yesterday said the conclusion by a multinational investigation team that a North Korean torpedo attacked the warship Cheonan had been “fabricated” and said it would send its own inspectors to get a firsthand look at the evidence in South Korea.

    .....The commission’s statement, delivered through the state media, said the investigation was “a sheer fabrication orchestrated by the group of traitors in a deliberate and brigandish manner to achieve certain political and military aims.”

    .....“The world will clearly see what a dear price the group of traitors will have to pay for the clumsy ‘conspiratorial farce’ and ‘charade’ concocted to stifle compatriots,” the statement said.

    3. N Korea has demanded that its inspectors be allowed to examine the evidence.
    North Korea also demanded that its inspectors be allowed to visit South Korea over the weekend to conduct their own probe.

    "We warn our traitors (South Korea) that they will have to present definitive proof that is suspicion-free.

    4. South Korea has rejected NK's demand to send a team

    S. Korea Says North Korea’s Probe Demand Is ’Outrageous’
    May 21 (Bloomberg) -- South Korea rejected a request from North Korea to send a team to investigate accusations that the communist nation sank a warship, South Korean Defense Minister Kim Tae Young said.

    “It’s like a robber or a killer wanting to investigate himself once the trust was revealed,” Kim told reporters in Seoul today. “We will send our position to the North in this afternoon.”

    It seems like a good chance to embarrass the N Koreans by confronting them with iron-clad evidence. Why would the South refuse?

    5. The experts do not appear to have hard proof that a NKJ submarine fired the missile. They just say it must have. All they seem to know for sure is this:
    Investigators say a North Korean midget submarine and a support vessel left a naval base on the west coast two to three days before the attack on the South Korean corvette Cheonan on March 26 and returned to port two or three days later.

    But then they switch to "believe"

    The military believes that the submarine found the Cheonan on the evening of March 26 and fired a CHT-02D torpedo at the vessel from 3 km away.

    Final sentence of the report: There is no other plausible explanation.

    6. People who question whether NK did it are called "abnormal".
    Many "normal" people already guessed North Korean was responsible for the incident in the Yellow Sea that March night.

    North Korea has denied it. Strange to say, many South Korean opposition leaders and politicians had attempted to find alternative explanations to North Korean involvement.

    If not North Korea, then who could it have been? There are many ``abnormal" South Korean people who are either sympathetic to North Korea or hopeful that the explosion came from a possible accident.

    7. Who are these international "experts" who conducted the study.
    We are told in thousands of reports how they are "experts" from US, the UK, Australia, and Sweden. But I have gone to considerable effort to find their names, with no luck. They aren't even on the report itself, which I find a bit unusual. Who are they? What makes them "experts". What is their background? Why and how were they chosen? How objective are they?

    8. The incriminating markings which give definitive proof the torpedo is from NK appear to be marker pen markings, not stamped in. And it's just "#1". That's it!
    Pics at bottom:

    9. S Korea's Democratic Party questions the report's conclusions.
    DP spokesman Woo Sang-ho went further, calling the probe results insufficient proof and questioning whether the North was involved at all.

    “It would be extremely shocking if the Cheonan incident was committed by North Korea like the government announced,” he said.

    10. Liberal civic groups in S Korea also question the conclusions:
    Liberal civic groups, including Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea and People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, said that the probe results are insufficient. “We will not admit the probe results,” a member of one group said. He said that the military’s presence on the investigative team biased the results.

    “The probe started after the conclusions had already been drawn,” he said.

    Edited for brevity

    So much for making a pool to see when the first conspiracy theories would come out.
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    They have far too much time on their hands...

    Oh wait...

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