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  1. #1 Please Put Bigfoot on the Endangered Species List 
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    Field& has many readers, and naturally the editors get a lot of mail. Some of it offers praise or suggestions. Some of it offers criticism and anger. And sometimes - every once in a great while - some of it broaches subjects and asks questions so profound we feel compelled to share with readers. Such is the case with this letter (portions of which are published below) from one Odie Ellis.

    Mr Ellis, it seems, wants the federal government to list Bigfoot under the Endangered Species Act. No, really.

    Why Bigfoot should be placed on the Endangered Species List:

    This is a very important matter indeed which needs addressing, and your help would be greatly appreciated. I am drafting this letter in an effort to garner your support on a topic to which I beseech to you would be a monumental issue indeed. I implore you to not take this matter lightly, it is one that will set an example for years to come and will undeniably set the standard on how all species will make their way to this most sacred of documents pertaining to the continuity of any genus. ...
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    Not to worry, Bigfoot is already covered by several laws in many states.

    BTW, they are real.
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