Marines and Georgians move to the field [Marines near the base bombed by Russia today]

VAZIANI TRAINING BASE, Georgia — Marine Corps camps, bases and stations are all across the globe and are a necessary and fundamental part of Corps stability. However, no matter where a Marine calls home, it’s in the field where the real training takes place.

Marines from Company L, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, and members of the Georgian Armed Forces departed the Vaziani Training Base and moved several miles into the hills July 16 to begin training the Georgian Armed Forces in basic infantry tactics.

“The base here is nice, but the field is awesome,” said Lance Cpl Daniel S. Heitger, a mortarman with Co. L.

“With all the mountains around us, it’s motivating,” said Heitger, “I understand why the Georgians fight so hard to protect it.”

The day started with the staging of Marine and Georgian gear at the barracks. After a quick gear check, all the Marines, Georgians and equipment were loaded onto trucks and driven to the hillside.

“I personally think that their support is motivating for us,” said Sgt. Rollie D. Cramer, a combat marksmanship trainer with Co. L. “These soldiers are here to train for their future deployment in Iraq. It’s great to assist them in training for their future rolls in Iraq and in Georgia.”

The vehicles arrived at the service members’ new home after a 30-minute ride where the temperature rose to almost 100 degrees.