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  1. #1 DUmmies begin another military bashfest. 
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    unhappycamper (1000+ posts) Wed Jun-02-10 05:55 AM
    Original message
    We need to subjugate Africa
    Air Forces Africa needs airmen to grow mission
    By Michael Hoffman - Staff writer
    Posted : Tuesday Jun 1, 2010 15:39:37 EDT

    Whether you speak Swahili fluently or simply wrote a college paper on Ugandan history, the Air Force wants to find you.

    U.S. Air Forces Africa, Africa Commandís aviation arm, is looking for airmen with African language skills or cultural knowledge who can help out with its exercises and missions.

    ďWhen we pick some of our airmen to take assignments with the 17th Air Force, well, obviously we are focusing in on their backgrounds and those that do have foreign language expertise and specifically those on the African continent is obviously a plus,Ē said Brig. Gen. Michael W. Callan, vice commander of 17th Air Force and U.S. Air Forces Africa, which is based at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

    Callan talked about the outreach effort, scheduled to start in June, during a wide-ranging interview last month at Andrews Air Force Base.

    Also next month, Africa Commandís first Air and Space Operations Center will reach full operational capability, he said. It stood up and declared initial operational capability a year ago.
    MrScorpio (1000+ posts) Wed Jun-02-10 06:01 AM
    Response to Original message
    1. I am so happy that I'm retired
    This can only end badly

    That's it so far. Both comments are just unbelievably stupid...
    In most sports, cold-cocking an opposing player repeatedly in the face with a series of gigantic Slovakian uppercuts would get you a multi-game suspension without pay.

    In hockey, it means you have to sit in the penalty box for five minutes.
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    I got an A in African History and REALLY liked Kaffir Boy. :p

    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Rudyard Kipling - (1865-1936)

    Context doesn't matter to this liberal it seems/ as long as it satisfies his godless dreams/ like monkeys throwing sh!t as castles in air/ as long as he throws/that is the extent of his care.
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    These are the same dummies who cry about how the west ignores suffering in Africa? Now they are complaining because we are going to pay attention to Africa?
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