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    What a fun time of year for baseball fans. There are 3 really good races going on right now:

    Yankees/Rays-This is a donnybrook if there ever was one. The 2 best teams in baseball record wise(although my Phillies are coming on strong) are duking it out. This lead has been changing every day and is going to go right to the end. Hard to believe that a few years ago the Rays were the laughing stock of baseball but now they are one of the best. And it's mostly home grown talent.

    Padres/Giants-A month ago, this race was all but over then all of a sudden the Padres forgot how to win. The G-Men are now in 1st by a half game. And the Padres, as of right now, are on the outside of the playoffs being 1.5 games behind the Bravos for the wild card.

    Phillies/Braves-The Phils relinquished the division lead on May 31 and were as far behind as 7 games and in 3rd place. They've had 7 of their starting 8 on the DL at one time or another. At one time, their infield consisted of Dobbs at 3rd, Castro at short, Valez at 2nd, and Gload at first. This because former MVP's Howard and Rollins along with all star 2nd baseman Utley and 3rd baseman Polanco were all on the DL. But since then, they've all gotten healthy(although Rollins is now battling a sore hammy) and it's September and the Phils thrive in September. And now the Phils are 3 games up with 14 to play. 6 of those 14 are against the Bravos. This is the best race the Phils have been in since the late 70's/early 80's when we would be battling the Pirates and Expos.

    So, if you're a baseball fan, you're in 7th heaven right now.
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    I hope the guys with the Phils stay healthy. My team is the Braves, but if they don't win it I'm with the Phillies all the way. I don't think the Braves can beat the Phils but we'll see.

    I'm pulling for the Rays in the AL.
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