Just when everyone thought they were dead in the water, the Atlanta Braves have come back to life. Two weeks ago they wee sitting in last place in the NL East. Now they have a 2.5 game lead over the Philthies, who they just swept. During a span of what seemed like a year of absolutely no offensive production and spotty pitching at best, the bats have come to life. I knew that lineup would eventually get a spark, it's just too good a lineup not to. Troy Glaus, who has hit the ball hard all year, finally started to find some holes. Jason Heyward is just a freak of a kid at 20 years old, and Chipper Jones is still a dangerous bat.

I know the Phillies lineup will catch fire soon, and probably win the division, but they won't walk away with it like the "experts" thought. The Mess, I mean Mets, are still paying top dollar for mediocrity. The Marlins are not due to make a run yet, they only make a run every 5 years or so. The Nationals are just the Expos with another home.

The Braves will at least get the wild card this year, if not shock us all and win the division.