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  1. #1 former president george w. bu$h* admits to war crimes 
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    DU is full of greyt stuff tonight!!!! :D

    spanone (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-03-10 09:37 AM
    Original message former president george w. bu$h* admits to war crimes

    Former President George W. Bush: We waterboarded Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and I'd 'do it again'
    W also won Election2000!!! Ohga Booga DU!!! :p:D

    spanone (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-03-10 09:41 AM
    Response to Reply #1

    3. 'i'd do it again' what an arrogant war criminal
    What a greyt POTUS!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    If we were cutting off their limbs, putting them in the iron maiden, or subjecting them to electroshocks, then I would see the problem. But waterboarding doesn't cause permanent damage and it's used as a last resort. To quote the last paragraph of this article:
    And as far as opponents of waterboarding are concerned, I have these questions to ask: Are a few moments of a terrorist’s discomfort more important than the lives of the innocents he seeks to destroy? Are two minutes of Moussaoui’s anguish worth more than the three thousand lives lost on 9/11? Does his momentary pain override a lifetime of hurt of those left behind?

    If you can’t answer in the affirmative then hold your peace.
    I'd recommend reading the whole article as it gives good information on its usage and its effectiveness.
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    I dont give a shit if they roll the guy in bacon grease and kick him into a pen full of multi-ethnic rapists from the federal penal system.

    Waterboarding is too nice for him.
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    Soldiers are waterboarded at SERE training.

    Hence not torture
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    It'd be fun to waterboard some DUmmies. Then again, it's not like any of them have any useful information.
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    "Where is the secret Cheetos factory"

    TALK!!!! :D:D
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