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    I don't doubt that he could live in a yurt and eat bugs with no hardship. I'll bet he'd feel differently when he's carried into an ER and the docs just pat his hand sympathetically as he bleeds out because they can't suture the wound or replace the blood and fluids.
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    72. You should question why our food is shipped 1500 miles to a local

    grocery store? This is a corporation influenced practiced in this country. Food is shipped hundreds of miles across the country for profit..Walmart is a perfect example of this. When these companies go in and destroy a small local economy and then decides to leave then what happens? I have always believed it is a risk that states should be reevaluating.

    Cities and states should be encouraging local farmers and businesses. Until the balance can be evened out the cost will be a little bit higher.
    ....for a city of five million or more people.

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    Not selling food for PROFIT.................those bastards.

    I bet they used the money to pay the workers too.
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    Eat local, by all means. Good luck with that if you live where it freezes all winter. Luckily, my ancestors sensibly left Sweden but I can tell him what the peasantry ate in the winter before WWI:

    Dried fish - lots of dried fish;
    Rye breads;
    Dried apples;
    Dried peas;
    More dried fish.

    Excellent diet for the figure-conscious and osteoporosis was unknown but not something your average Thai-fusion vegan hipster would care for.
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