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    Tue Jul-12-05 11:53 PM
    Original message
    Need some ideas here friends, I have the attention of alot of Freepers

    I built a video wall (hey, I am the walldude koo koo koo choo) this week for a trade show in Denver. Turns out the show is The Christian Retailers Association. Every goddam freeper this side of the Mississippi is here. Luckily the booth I'm working in is selling videos of the old BBC versions of The Chronicles of Narnia so it's not too bad. However a lot of the booths, and there are hundreds of them, are full of freeper propaganda. I got a chance to walk around today and saw and heard so much about our wonderful President and his Christian values that I almost puked up my lunch. It really pissed me off, so I went back to my booth and did a little editing. I added a single frame graphic to the video I'm showing that says Impeach Bush! A single frame is 1/30th of a second so it's totally subliminal. There are two days left on the show and I want to do something bigger and better for the last day. Now I can't do it in my booth because, well, I'd like to get paid, but I can get on the show floor before everyone else. I was thinking of printing up fliers or something and leaving them in all the booths. But I'm not sure what to put on them. I want it to be effective but simple. Here's some of the things I saw today to show you what I am up against:

    George W. Bush: The Greatest President Ever
    George W. Bush: The Life Of A True Christian
    The Secrets of Gays And Why They Shouldn't Be Secret
    Accept Christ Or Pay The Price
    The Evolution Lie
    Noah And The Dinosaurs

    Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Hell(??Then who am I gonna hang out with?)
    Legalize... Prayer(I didn't know it was illegal)
    Many, Many, Bush T-Shirts

    Odds and Sods:
    Scripture Candy
    Bible Action Figures
    Rapture Kits(I intend to ask tommorow what exactly is included in a Rapture kit.)

    Now before you start flaming me for being anti-Christian imagine being a progressive, liberal, Jew, and spending a few days surrounded by this stuff, it'll make you nuts. There seem to be alot of nice people there but the level of ignorance is astounding.

    So please, if you have an idea of a simple but effective message or photo or something I could put on a flier post it here, tommorow I will choose something, print up a few hundred of them and leave them in every single booth in the place.....
    ...and the result...

    walldude (1000+ posts)
    Fri Jul-15-05 12:43 AM
    Original message
    Lost a job over a DU post.. We are being watched friends....

    Where to begin? I wanted to post this yesterday but I was told to keep my mouth shut until the show was over(read the post, you'll understand) if I wanted to get paid for the work I had already done. The night before last I made this post:

    As you can see I had some great suggestions and was prepared to combine some of them into the flier yesterday to spread around today. I never got the chance. At 12:30 in the afternoon yesterday the head of the company I was working for came to the booth and told me the client hadn't paid the bill and I had to leave, they were shutting the booth down. This has happened before on rare occasions so I didn't think it was too strange. About 4:00 that afternoon I get a phone call. They called to ask me how to run the videowall. Well, at that point the guy just starts rambling about how they had to send someone else in, because "security" had called saying a guy working at the show posted a message on an Internet board under the name of Walldude and was "threatening to blow the place up". (I obviously let a little too much information out in the original post, they had no trouble figuring out who I was. I had actually tried to edit the post later to remove the city and booth info but the edit time had expired) Now, he's telling me this as he has a copy of the post right in front of him. I was so shocked all I could do was argue semantics with him for a few minutes. Then I told him what to do to run the wall so the show could continue and hung up. I was stunned. They had turned what I wrote into a "security risk" and had me removed from the show.
    Now I only lost a day and a half's work over this, but I doubt the company will ever use me again. I have alot of friends working there and work is pretty thin in the summer, so that kinda sucks. But what's really bothering me, is the fact that someone actually saw the post and alerted someone about it. All anyone will tell me is "security called" and they have no idea how security found out. As more and more of the shock wore off, and my brain started functioning again, I started to get so pissed off that I couldn't see straight. I tried Googling different keywords and combinations of words from the post to see if it showed up but it didn't. I tried other search engines to make sure, but it looks like they weren't specifically hunting for posts related to the trade show. That means someone was here, saw the post, put the old GOP spin on it and got me fired from the gig.
    Now the really fucked up part of this if you think about it is, they all had copies of the post. Security, the decorating company, the company that hired me. It was obvious I didn't threaten to blow the place up, I even talked about how nice alot of the people were. Yet, even with the facts right in front of their faces, they still insisted on repeating the mantra. How easily the weak minded are swayed. I started thinking that if people are this easily manipulated I really should of bought one of those Rapture Kits while I had the chance.
    I hope the story doesn't get passed around to other companies I work for, the spin has already got me making bomb threats, next they'll have me on the show floor with bombs strapped to my chest screaming Allah! Allah! That would probably end my career real quick.
    Other than that I am unscathed. All this, plus a death in the family this week, coupled with the attempts to spin Rove into a hero has only steeled my resolve against the growing fascism in this country. I realized that most of the people are sheep, happy to go about their lives believing everything the government tells them. Like the Germans in WWII, they won't bother to see the truth until it's too late. The least I can attempt to do is make sure they can't claim ignorance....
    :D :D :D
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    GREAT catch! That is outrageously funny!

    What a gigantic loser!

    What an utter lack of professionalism...I'll go ahead and let my moonbat insensibilities get the best of me and throw some goofy moonbat propaganda into something, then whine like a little girl when I get busted for it!
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    Wow great find. That is a classic. Good job Ralph.

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    Posting your sabotage plans on the Internet: Priceless
    Be Not Afraid.
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    Ahhh memories. I remember when that happened. It still brings a smile to my face. :D
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    What a dumbass! He owned himself! Serves him right...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JB View Post
    Posting your sabotage plans on the Internet: Priceless
    And posting enough information to identify yourself along with it is even more so.
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