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  1. #1 Oil hits the beach at Gulf Shores, AL. My eyewitness report: 
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    Yep, "Eyewitness" reporting without pics.

    trof (1000+ posts) Sun Jun-06-10 07:32 PM
    Original message: Oil hits the beach at Gulf Shores, AL. My eyewitness report:

    I really didn't want to write this.
    I hoped against hope I wouldn't have to.

    Went to a friend's condo on the beach this morning.
    As far up and down the beach as we could see from the 7th story balcony there was seaweed on the beach at the tide line.
    More large patches of weed offshore, headed in.
    That's not too unusual.
    Once in a great while it happens.

    This weed was infused with blobs of oil.
    It was pea sized up to the size of my hand.
    I waded out and picked up a strand of the weed.
    As soon as I did, the oil dropped off and floated in the surf, headed for the sand.

    These are blindingly WHITE beaches.
    Not your standard beige coral sands.
    These are quartz sands, left as glaciers retreated from the last ice age.
    And almost as fine as talc.

    Now they're stained with black and brown globs of oil.

    I talked to the restaurant owner where we had breakfast.
    Business down by half since the blowout hit.
    The convenience store owner next door reported the same.
    "Look at this place. Three people in here on the first Sunday in June? Business is down by 60% over the same day last year. If this keeps up for another month, I'll have to close the doors."

    Our valiant DUer says he has pics but he can't get Photobucket You mean to tell us a Super Genius member of DU can't use Photobucket??? But's probably a conspiracy!!!

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    Response to Original message

    10. Now you've done it You've reported on oil coming ashore. Get a lawyer and don't answer your door.

    And if you've taken any pictures, I know about a secure server in Moladvia that can't be subpoenaed. PM me for the URL.

    Trust no one.
    LOL!!! I can't tell if Canucky forgot the sarcasm smiley or is series!!!! :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I was at Orange Beach which is a few miles down the road from Gulf Shores two weeks ago. Unlike Panama City, FL, this area has survived the recession very well. It's gonna go to hell in a hand basket now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    LOL!!! I can't tell if Canucky forgot the sarcasm smiley or is series!!!! :D
    That's a good one. It's GOTTA be sarcasm.

    Then again, it's the DUmp so you never know.
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