Every poll shows that an overwhelming majority of the American people approve of Arizona’s new illegal alien law. And a new Qunnipiac University poll found 48% of registered voters nationwide want similar laws passed in their states.

Poor Ed Schultz. He’s dumbfounded, astounded, horrified that the liberal media hasn’t been able to stir up more opposition to the law. Guest John Feehery is forced to slap Schultz’ face and try to bring him back to reality.

Schultz: The numbers are out right now. It’s pretty amazing, as much discussion and negativity that has been out there, the majority of Americans think the immigration law that’s passed in Arizona is good…and also a majority of Americans want to see their states pass something similar.

Feehery: Hey Ed, this is a surprise to nobody except maybe you, and maybe the administration.

The political class (and its MSNBC apologists) are out of step with the American people. Of course, Schultz would say it’s not just out of step, but out of goose step.

‘Cause, you know, we’re all Nazis. Or something.

I like how he throws out that he's read the law and people who are for it could not have read the law.