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A health care pro-life nightmare story for Ann Coulter
Advertisements [?]So Ann Coulter thinks there is no health care crisis in our country? Has she been in a coma?

I posted a few weeks ago about our neighbors who are pregnant and found out the baby is most likely not viable. They are now telling them that there is a slight chance the baby will survive if she carries him full term. She is almost 8 months pregnant and her doctors told her she could decide to have an abortion now or carry the baby to term. If he is born alive, he will immediately go into neonatal intensive care at a cost of $10,000 a day. And that is just the cost of the stay, it doesn't include tests or medications or surgeries.

The insurance company will pay one third.

The hospital said if the baby survives it will cost at least a million dollars to save him.

They decided to carry the baby to term and hope for the best.

So these 28 year old kids will likely need to declare bankruptcy to save their baby.

Now if that doesn't convince you there is a health care crisis in this country, you don't have a heart.
renie408 (1000+ posts) Thu Aug-07-08 08:21 PM
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7. Which is more cruel? Assuming that your decisions are the ones everybody should make.
Believing in the right to choose goes both ways. This young couple has the right to not abort and you have the right TO abort. Both choices should be respected.

And until you are in that position, I think you should probably not get too judgmental. I have friends who were pretty much assured that their baby would not be able to survive more than a few days after birth. They found this out when they were six months pregnant. They chose, after some of the most painful consideration imaginable, to try and carry the baby to term. They wanted a chance to hold their child and they wanted to give him whatever slim chance they could.

That's what parents do.
Tesha (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-08-08 06:36 AM
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16. I've never met an atheist who would bear the child described in .0
> Atheists can be pro-life, too.

I think we'll need a citation for this statement, at
least for the question of how it applies to the situation
described in the Original Post. I've never met an atheist
who would bear the child described in .0; that child, if
born, is going to live a short, hard life full of pain.

Atheists have more compassion than to force a child to
bear all that just so the parents might feel a bit better.

Interesting exchange.