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Liberals could learn a lot from Conservatives when it comes to attitude
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I worked on Dennis Kucinich's campaign, and while I was in New Hampshire, I met Mike Huckabee, and a throng of Huckabee supporters. I got to talking with one of these theocratic yahoos, and I realized where the left has gone wrong. We care too much about winning, and not enough about standing for something. We could learn a lot from the Conservative ethos.

Particularly the pearl of wisdom dropped by this one Huckabee supporter.

"That whole 'unelectable' thing is a sack of crap. If you don't think your guy has a chance, it means you aren't working hard enough."

Yup. We're so scared of losing, that we throw our votes away on people who don't really represent us. Tsk tsk.
That thread was locked but the point is one both Democrats AND Republicans should think about. ;)