brazenlyliberal (771 posts) Fri Aug-08-08 03:38 PM
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I am FURIOUS at these reports Edwards had an affair.
Advertisements [?]Not angry that he had the affair - that's between him and Elizabeth and Rielle(?) and none of my damned business. No, I'm royally pissed that it's being reported all over the airwaves.

Why is this news? Why is this breaking news supplanting other stories on every goddamned network? Why is his former campaign manager being quoted as saying he is "saddened and angry"? How the hell is it any of HIS business either? Is this how low we've sunk? I can see that the facts about someone whose private life is in direct conflict with his policies would be pertinent. I can see that the facts about someone whose personal life involves victimizing those younger or weaker would be pertinent. But an adult having an affair with another consenting adult is, I repeat, nobody's goddamned business.
When it happens to a dem people should mind their own business and not ask these questions. It shouldn't be discussed in the forums or in the media. Yet when it is a republican then the perp should be hung by his testicles and it should be the only topic the MSM should be focused on.