Shirley MacLaine Explains the Tea Party

By Laura Onstot, Wednesday, Jun. 9 2010 @ 1:21PMComments (4) Categories: United States of America

​Shirley MacLaine has won an Oscar, regressed into her past lives, and written 12 books.

She's taking the stage at Benaroya Hall on Sunday to talk about how life is like Hollywood, the subject of her next book I'm Over All That. "We're each the actor, producer," she says.

SW reached MacLaine at her ranch in New Mexico where she tells us just why everything seems so screwy these days and explains the existence of those hilarious-sign-wielding tea partiers. (Hint: It has nothing to do with Obamacare.)

Shirley MacLaine: I don't have any hobbies except asking questions.

Seattle Weekly: What are the questions you're asking these days?

SM: You know, big questions, I want to know these days, why is the weather like this? I have some answers we can talk about if you want.

SW: Sure. Why is the weather like this?

SM: Listen, I think we're having reactions to this coming alignment, which is a process, not an event. It's been going on since, 19..., I don't know, middle Eighties. And with the alignment of this planet, and this solar system being in direct alignment to the center of the galaxy, of the Milky Way. That's the first time in 26,000 years, for goodness' sakes, that's a big deal. Hence weather reactions.

But also, look what it's doing to the human consciousness for goodness' sakes. Everybody seems to be screwed up. Nobody knows what they really want. The whole sense of fear is with us. The whole business of business is so screwed up, we don't know what's going on. All this is because, I think the frequency of the magnetic mind, our minds are basically being forced into alignment. And when you do that you have clear up old stuff. So you could say a lot of karma drama is happening.

SW: Do you get any read on the tea party? Do you see that as part of the tension of working things out or the fear that people have?

SM: Yeah, I think that's what's happening in the tea party. I'm certainly not a tea partyist. I think most of them are just acting out their frustrations. But their frustrations are deep and real. I mean the feds should have taken over this problem with drug trafficking and illegal immigrants a long time ago. So what you see as the reaction to their not tending to business in Washington [D.C.] is the Arizona law.
I'm pretty sure my head just exploded. LOL! :D

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