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    Fight Card for tonight at 9pm...


    Travis Browne vs. James McSweeney
    Chris Camozzi vs. James Hammortree
    Josh Bryant vs. Kyle Noke
    Seth Baczynski vs. Brad Tavares
    John Gunderson vs. Mark Holst


    Rich Attonito vs. Jamie Yager
    Spencer Fisher vs. Dennis Siver
    Chris Leben vs. Aaron Simpson
    Court McGee vs. Kris McCray (TUF 11 Middleweight Finals)
    Matt Hamill vs. Keith Jardine

    I think the McGee McCray fight will be a quick one. Court looks 100 time better than Kris.

    I hope Attonito beats the shit out of Yager. Yager shouldn't even be on the card. The fucking quit in his fight against Josh Bryant. Refused to answer the bell, then had the nerve to go back in the house and start talking shit again. He tells Kyacey he'll fight him outside and then never comes out. He is a chicken shit who's scared to fight, but has talked his way onto the card. On the positive side, Dana White will NEVER sign him to a deal after not finishing a fight.
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    I always figured Yager for a piece of shit blowhard. There is nothing worse than quitting on your stool. It is one thing if your corner stops it and you really wanted to go on, but when your seconds are pleading with you to answer the bell and you quit it is another thing entirely.

    When I was boxing as a teen I was hit so hard by an opponent he knocked me 7 seconds into the future. I am not kidding. I was hit by a punch I never saw coming, saw a bright flash of light like when someone takes a photo in a dark room and then the referee was standing in front of me going, " okay?" I raised my gloves to my chin and said, "Yes. I am fine." But I was wondering what happened to one through six in the count.

    When the ref motioned for the fight to continue the bell rang and I went to my corner still confused. The first thing my trainer said when I sat down was, "Damn he tagged you good. We did not think you would get up."

    This confused me even more and I said, "I was down?"

    By then the ref was looking into my corner and my trainer turned to him and said, "That's it. He's done. I am not letting him back out."

    I was furious and tried to talk my trainer into letting me finish the fight but the ref had already waved it off.

    Yager did not even try to continue. And he tried to talk to talk shit afterward and everyone knew he was a fucking poser. I want him to quit on his stool again. He will if things go rough for him. The big mouth bitch has no heart.
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