The house I will be working in for the next week or so is 10K square feet, with 3k of that being garage space!! The house has been in the making for a year and a half. Now this garage is no ordinary garage. This is an "indoor garage", with heat... 2 levels with the height being like a gymnasium. These garages are so big that they seem like a rollerskating rink! A steel, red painted railing overlooks the bottom level. The flooring will be a poured rubber type floor. A huge flight of carpeted steps leads to the upper level. The garage will hold a collection of Ferrari's (7 I think), and I forget the other car model that will be on display. The finished basement has a large room that has windows looking out into the garage. When I first saw the windows, I thought.. how odd.. windows to a garage??? What kind of view is that?

I might snap a few pics of the garage when I finish the job. I've only ever seen garages like this on MTV's "Cribs" show. In addition to the display garage, there is a functional garage.. probably a 4 car garage or so.

The house gets all white wool carpeting throughout the carpet areas upstairs. I will probably install it in my socks.. or with booties on. You just look at this carpeting and it gets dirty.