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    MIAMI ó The party soon may be over for some three dozen peacocks that have been strutting their stuff for over a decade in one Miami neighborhood, as residents are clamoring for the city to remove the birds they say are a menace to society.

    Residents of Micanopy Avenue in Miami's lush Coconut Grove complained this week to Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoffabout about feces everywhere, as well as the piercing screeches that keep them up nights and are making them sick.

    "All it takes is for a kid to step in the peacock poop, jump in the wading pool with other kids and then they all get sick," said nanny Martha Rubiano, who cares for a two-year-old boy with chronic problems with vomiting and dysentery. "Every time I turn around I'm cleaning up their poop."

    Residents are unsure how the peacocks came to the neighborhood, but they believe someone let a pair of pet peacocks loose in the 1980s. At first, residents enjoyed their attractive company, but then the population exploded.

    "They're beautiful but there's just too many of them," said Graciela Castro, who has lived on Micanopy Avenue for 14 years. Castro says their loud squawking can be unbearable.
    "We can't even sleep at night," she said.

    Peacock Panic Miami law protects the birds from trappers because the city is considered a bird sanctuary, and peafowl, as they are scientifically known, are not considered livestock.Sarnoff says the city is exploring several different options to fix the peacock problem.

    One plan is to relocate some birds to other neighborhoods interested in taking them in. Another is to put them up for adoption to bird activists with better facilities for keeping them in captivity. A third, more complex scenario would be to train the birds to quit trespassing on the property of those residents who want them gone."The city is willing to look into that.,2933,400974,00.html
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    Heh, this is like the flock on the north end of LongBoat Key. Florida. :D
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Heh, this is like the flock on the north end of LongBoat Key. Florida. :D
    If they are good to eat, it might be what's for dinner. :)
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